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Our cold productive waters produce a hard and robust Oyster seed at a competitive cost. Because there is no natural population of Pacific Oysters, disease risk is the lowest on the west coast. Ketchikan is the extreme northern range of the Pacific Geoduck. Our broodstock is exceptionally fat and fecund. Our high-health Geoduck and Oyster seed is certified for instate, interstate and international distribution by Ralph Elston of Aquatechnics Inc. There are genetic restrictions imposed for interstate sales of Geoduck seed. Check with your local regulatory agency.

Successful Oyster Larvae Sets – we set 15 million Oyster larvae every two weeks. The secret to our exceptionally low rate of doubles lies in the careful processing of our ground shell.

Post set, Oyster seed are reared in high flow fluidizing tubes and high velocity upwelling cylinders at 18-20°C up to 2-3mm, fed on a seven species proprietary mix of nutritious micro-algae. The seed is then finished up to 7-10mm in fluidized outdoor upwelling cylinders, fed on naturally occurring rich algal blooms supplemented with cultured algae. All seed is rinsed daily with chlorine and hand sieved weekly to assure uniformity and produce a deep cupped round shell shape.

Ketchikan has a well established infrastructure for shipping seafood worldwide including Ketchikan International Airport and Federal Express.

Your order is hand counted, hand packed and delivered to the shipper in less than 20 minutes. If a shipment is delayed, due to any reason, we pickup the seed and re-enter it in our rearing system to ensure freshness. This is infrastructure is vital for shipping highly perishable Geoduck seed. Our exceptionally hard Oyster seed can survive out of water for more than five days with no mortality.